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Journey of educating poor kids who did not have much money to have a good education started in 2009 under the tree, on roads and in gardens. We soon realised just giving them general education was not of much use to shape their future and career.  So the dream to start a school for that section of society who could afford minimum fees to educate their children was born. Aditya Academy High school was built in the slum area to reach such parents with their dreams of giving their children the best of education. Since, 2011 Balaji Educational Society runs school for underprivileged children with the belief that education is the vehicle to help poor families out of poverty. The school aims to equip children with literacy and skills that can enable them to gain employment and bring financial relief to their families. We hope to help them  secure their future and better their own lives and that of their parents.

Aditya Academy High School and Junior College is committed to deliver Quality education to underprivileged kids in and around our location.

OUR CLUB initiatives


Nature's Club

Nature's Club - Anyone can join this Club and be a part of Our Natural Adventure team.

We conduct trips for the group and bring them close to Nature. 


Art and Craft Club

Art and Craft Club - This club is to make kids busy and let them learn new things by using best out of waste 


Sports Club

Sports Club is to ensure people participate in different Sports activities at different levels.


(Performing Arts Club)

PEAR Club is to get your Mind and Soul activated through Performing arts of Dance, Drama, Acting and Voice modulation.


Em - Music Club

E-minor Club - invites all Vocalist and Upcoming Musicians to join the club and learn from expert faculties


Care-er Club

This club is open to youngsters seeking advice to choose Career and enable them to move in right direction in their life.

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